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Why Learn Python? (general)

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1 year ago

Python is easy to learn. Its syntax is simple, and the code is very readable.

Python has many uses. It is used for web application development, data science, rapid application development, etc.

Python lets you write programs in fewer lines of code than most programming languages.

Python's popularity is growing rapidly. It is one of the most popular programming languages ​​today.


About Python programming 

Free and open source - you can use and distribute Python for free, even for commercial purposes.

Easy to learn - Python has a very simple and elegant syntax. It's much easier to read and write Python programs than other languages ​​like C++, Java, C#.

Portable - You can move Python programs from one platform to another and run them without changes.

Python is a powerful and versatile programming language. It is used in web development, data science, software prototyping, etc. Fortunately for beginners, Python has a simple, easy-to-use syntax. This makes Python a great language to learn to program for beginners.

Our Python tutorial takes you step-by-step through learning Python.

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