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Term Paper Citation is An Honest Tribute to Other Authors (general)

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Term paper citation content can vary, depending upon writing style of the paper

Any term paper citation is a method of documenting the written text of other authors that students may have paraphrased or quoted in their research paper. However, there are different rules and regulations prescribed by the authorities, for the purpose of academic research paper presentation.


Therefore, before going into the details of the documentation required for the in-text citation purpose, students need learning the prescribed requirements of various essay formats like APA, MLA or Chicago and Harvard styles of writing. Hence, it is advisable to go through the guide manuals of these formats from the "pay for essay" website, while students prepare to present their written work, with references to those sources that they might use in their term paper.


In addition, students should understand the difference between a citation and a reference, as both belong to the external sources used by the students. While the citation, also called in-text citation, would appear in the midst of the written text, after the student has paraphrased the borrowed material; the reference to the same would come on the bibliography and works-cited pages. However, both the term paper citation and their reference pages should follow the required format, as prescribed by the academic council of the concerned college.


Nevertheless, the information on the citation rules for various formats is given below, in brief. However, students should also go through a research term paper to understand these rules in a proper manner. In any case, students should remember that forwarding any written content in their paper, borrowed from other sources requires such citation. In the absence of the same, students would be accused of plagiarism and it could lead to the cancellation of their presentation as well. The punishment for such mistakes is getting harsher, with the passage of time, as colleges do not accept such plagiarized papers, at any cost.


APA style citations

APA term paper citation requires that it be presented in parenthetical notes of the research papers. Such notes come usually at the end of the sentence. The name of the author should come here, with the year of the research study publication, within the brackets. In case of citing a quoted material then the citation should also include the page number of the research paper, which the writer has used for quoting the material, rather then paraphrasing it. Going through apa style term paper would help students in this direction.


MLA style quotes

While it is typically the same as APA style citations, the major difference here is that, the page numbers are always included in the citations, while the year of publication may not appear in the same. These numbers belong to the pages of the referred research study paper.


Bibliography and works-cited pages

In addition, students should give full details of these publications in works-cited and bibliography pages. As there are different rules for such references with regard to library books, e-sources and internet websites, students should look at the particular guide manual to understand the requirement for each reference.


However, students could find more information by the "critical thinking essay" company on formatting methods of term paper citation from custom term papers.

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