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What Exactly Is a StoryBrand BrandScript, and Why Does Your Business Require One? (general)

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9 months ago

Your products are wonderful! There's no one better than can provide customer services. Your skills and experience are unrivalled. So, why isn't your brand getting the deserved attention?

One of the most complex challenges of building a business is having a product or service that may change lives and yet you struggle to get the people whose lives need change to pay attention.

The problem, claims Donald Miller, the best-selling author of "Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller," isn't what you're selling. It's what you're saying. More precisely, it's what you're not expressing. Miller, who is also a women's motivational speaker, states that the human mind craves clarity. An amazing product + a crystal-clear message = a winning combo.

You could be saying to yourself, "Makes sense." "But our product has so many outstanding features that we can't sum them up in just a few simple sentences." The alternative is that "our service is so sophisticated that we need to lead them through the entire thing before they understand its worth."

Thanks to our ingenuity and creativity, humans have developed a method for conveying and remembering complex ideas over thousands of years: storytelling.

What Impact Does the Art of Storytelling Have on Your Brand?

We, along with other marketing companies, spend a lot of time talking about branding and rebranding, but we acknowledge that these concepts can be vague. In fact, your brand is nothing more than the narrative that your company conveys to the rest of the world.

The brain of the human is hardwired to think in terms of stories, yet relatively few of us actually put any effort into what makes a story successful. Donald Miller has, and he claims that if you have an understanding of how stories work, you can learn to use storytelling tactics to develop a website and email copy, slideshows and elevator pitches that cut through the chaos and hook into the core motives of your prospects.

The 7 Components Necessary for Powerful Storytelling

As Miller openly admits, the Storybrand BrandScript is only a repackaging of millennia-old narrative principles. He lays out seven basic brand storyline components that can be found in anything from the Odyssey to the most recent Hollywood blockbuster. (In fact, Miller is fond of saying that the
StoryBrand Framework can damage your movie going experience.)

1. Every story begins with a protagonist who desires something.
2. A stumbling block prevents the character from achieving their goal.
3. The protagonist meets a mentor who can assist them in overcoming their dilemma and obtaining what they desire.
4. The guide gives the character a plan.
5. Inspires them to take action.
6. The character avoids failure by doing that action.
7. Obtains success (namely, by getting what they want).

Both the StoryBrand and the inbound marketing framework emphasise to learn about your consumers and provide solutions to
their challenges. Both see customers as the heroes of the business and both agree that the goal of marketing is to win customers' confidence and position oneself as trustworthy, even beloved, advisors.

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